Google My Business

This is so important that it’s the first real section. It could almost be the only section.

Twenty years ago, Google’s search results were just “ten blue links”. Today’s search results are much more dynamic. You may see a knowledge panel on the right-hand side. You might see intent-specific things like cinema showtimes or hotel and flight reservation widgets. You will definitely see ads. And after all of these things, you will see the old “ten blue links”.

But for you, as a lawyer, the most valuable dynamic widget is the “map pack”. When Google detects that a user is looking for a local service provider, they will show a map with pins representing local service providers:

real estate lawyer map pack

You want your law firm to be one of the pins on that map. Having an up-to-date Google My Business (GMB) listing for your practice is how you’ll do it.

Signing up for Google My Business

Go to the Google My Business page and register your law firm. You will need to prove your identity via SMS, a phone call, or receiving a postcard in the mail to your law office. Sometimes Google takes a long time to process new applications – keep following up. You want this.

Create a short URL

A GMB short URL directly links the user to your reviews page. This lowers the effort required for your client to write you a review.

Follow the instructions here to create the short URL.

Soliciting Reviews

Content. This is a word you will read a lot in this guide.

Google has a precious commodity that you want: users. In exchange, Google demands content. For GMB, content means fresh reviews from your clients. Getting them is an easy, two-step process.

  1. Identify who is a candidate for leaving a review

    Obviously, they have to be a satisfied client. They also need to have a Google account.

    During client intake, capture their email address. If it’s, flag them for followup after their file is closed.

  2. Actively solicit a review

    Send your client a lightly personalized email soliciting a review. I’ve included a sample below that you can customize. Be sure to prominently feature a link to your GMB short URL. You want this to be easy.

Make this a part of your file closing process. It may feel silly to solicit a review from someone who just paid you thousands of dollars to handle their legal matter, but it’s important to your firm and most people are happy to leave a positive review for a job well done.

Sample solicitation letter


Thank you for trusting me with your recent real estate purchase. I wish you many years of happiness in your new home!

If you were happy with the service I provided to you, I’d really appreciate you taking one minute to leave a review on my Google My Business page: INSERT YOUR SHORT LINK HERE.

Even a short review goes a long way towards helping other people like yourself find the right lawyer to help them.

All the best,


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