Law Firm Blog Ideas

Content is king.

Your law firm’s content must be:

  • diverse, so that you will rank on a variety of “long tail” keywords
  • authoritative, so that potential clients will trust you
  • interesting, so that others will link to you

It’s a high bar to reach. You won’t get there in a week or a month or hastily writing content. Be patient. Have a plan to consistently produce two articles each month. Before you know it, you’ll have a library of rich content that you can put to work attracting new clients.

Need some inspiration? Here are some strategies and topic ideas.

SEO Considerations

Aim for a mix of the following content:

  • Evergreen vs seasonal content. Evergreen content is always relevant. For example, an article on how much to set aside for closing costs. Seasonal content is only relevant during part of the year, or may be breaking news that quickly fades from relevance. For example an article on proposed zoning changes that will be discussed at an upcoming city council meeting.
  • “Niching down” vs general interest. There is a tradeoff in tackling broader topics, with bigger readerships but more competition, and narrower topics, with smaller readerships but more opportunity to be authoritative. Think “How to be a Landlord” versus “2020 Tenancy By-laws in (YOUR CITY), (YOUR STATE)”.
  • Listicle vs in-depth. The folks who want high-level intros love lists. They’re easy to consume. The folks who are further down the research path want to dive deep. Write for both audiences to have the best chance of attracting readers, links, and ultimately, clients.


  • Be welcoming. A conveyance may feel simple to you, but it’s a mysterious black box to your clients. Make an intimidating process familiar to your clients by writing plain-spoken explanations of them.
  • Be contrarian. Take the opposite position to the “received wisdom” of something in your field of law.
  • Embrace pop culture. Apply a legal lens to a recent song or movie. You can be serious – critique their misapprehension of the law, or fun – go over the top, like the Crime A Day Twitter account.
  • Be timely. Is there a high-profile case in the news? Has new legislation been passed or gone into effect? Is it the start of the academic year in a university town? Write a few words to capture the zeitgeist.
  • Be contemplative. Do a year in review post. Review what posts reached the most people. Call out trends that you noticed in your sector.
  • Curate. You’re the expert. Give your readers some insight into your mind with a “link dump” of interesting articles. It may feel low-effort to you, but that’s because you’ve spent years learning your craft and building a network of educational resources.
  • Do reader Q&A. People love to see what others are thinking. Solicit questions and write up brief responses to them. Be careful to disclaim the general nature of the post.
  • Interview other experts. Tap your network for professionals in complementary fields - realtors, accountants, financial advisors, general contractors, doctors, attorneys in other fields, etc. Do a short Q&A over lunch and write it up for the blog.

High-level topics


  • Biography page. Include high-quality headshot photo, your educational history, bar memberships, and connections to the region.
  • Practice areas. Enumerate the kinds of law you do, both at a high-level (“family law”) and specifically (“child custody”, “guardianship”, “prenuptial agreement”, etc).

Practice-specific ideas

We love the work that LawLytics has done here, so we’ll just defer to their ideas:

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