Law Firm SEO Guide

Confused about your small law firm’s SEO? Not sure how to build links? Whether you’re starting out or building on an established foundation, our free law firm SEO guide and link database (47,505,980 links and counting!) have something for everyone.

About you

You’re a lawyer at a solo practice or small law firm. You want a great online presence that embraces all the search engine optimization best practices for lawyers.

If you want to DIY your solo practice or small law firm’s SEO, this site is for you.

If you’re contracting out your firm’s SEO, but aren’t sure how to choose who to hire, this site is for you.

Still with me? Let’s get started.

About me

My name’s Colin Dellow. I’m a software engineer by training, much to the disappointment of the three lawyers in my family.

I spent 7 years building websites. At their peak, they received just shy of ten million unique visitors per month, all from “organic,” non-paid Google searches. Despite clearly being good at SEO, we got endless spam from so-called SEO experts. This was one of the better pitches, believe it or not:

Atrocious, spammy pitch email for SEO services

Would you trust this person with your professional image as a lawyer? I hope not.

The reality is that the basics of SEO are straightforward. Nothing would make me happier than to educate people so they can avoid getting ripped off by folks like the sender of that email.

About this guide

If you set aside the time to read this guide, you will have a list of practical tasks that will improve your search result rankings.

You may decide that your time is better spent logging billable hours. That’s great! Use the advice in this guide to help you select a contractor to do the items for you.

Depending on the time you have available, I recommend:

  • 5 Truths About Law Firm SEO

    If you have very limited time, the five truths will give you the grounding to figure out what’s most important.

  • Local Law Firm SEO Database

    Stuck for content ideas? Searching for your next backlink? Just wondering how your law firm stacks up against its peers? We’ve crawled the web to index 135,480 Canadian and American law firms in 1,041 cities.

  • The Lawyer SEO Checklist

    The checklist breaks down your law firm’s SEO into five steps that you can get started on today.

  • The Full Guide

    The full guide can be treated as a reference or read end-to-end to get a high-speed introduction to SEO. Your choice.