Link Building

Links to your site are endorsements. Just as in real life, all endorsements are good, but some are more meaningful than others. Links from the legal field are great. Links from local websites are great. Links from “high-value” sites like government institutions, educational organizations or dominant authorities are amazing.

When building links, be sure to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – you don’t want your hard work to inadvertently trigger a penalty.

Tip: Use our local law firm SEO dataset to discover who links to law firms in your city.


Getting listed in directories is table stakes. They don’t differentiate you from your peers, but they’re critical nonetheless.



I encourage you to track visits from paid sources using UTM parameters and Google Analytics - constantly assess whether you’re getting value for your money.


Suppliers and Vendors

Demonstrate that you support the local community by creating a page listing the vendors from whom you purchase supplies.

Reach out to each of them thanking them for being a reliable vendor, and offering to provide a testimonial they could put on their own page.


Is there a philanthropic cause close to your heart?

Is there a scholarship you’d like to fund – even at a small level, say, $250 annually?

Even if it’s just paying for pizza for a beer league, sponsorships can be a great way to get your name out into the community and create links from local businesses, cementing your law firm as the local option in the eyes of Google.

Guest blogs

Your years of education and experience mean that you have something special to offer. Consider reaching out to:

  • local news organizations
  • local charities
  • local professionals in related fields
  • regional or national professional organizations

Offer to write a guest post on a topic of their choosing. Don’t phone it in: create something worth reading. Ensure that in exchange you get 2-3 sentences for a mini-bio, including a link back to your site.


The dirty secret with newspapers is that the rise of the Internet has destroyed their revenue streams. They have to do more with less. Build relationships with your local journalists – offer to be their go-to source for a pull quote on the legal topic du jour. Consider signing up with Help A Reporter Out to tap a national pool of journalists.

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